Here is how The Pathways Studio is dealing with the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) situation:

For the time being The Pathways Studio will stay open and continue to offer workshops and other events, however we are making some adjustments. We are closely following the suggestions of the UK Government health guidance  and will adjust if necessary.

At The Pathways Studio we disinfect all items, blankets, yoga mats, the floor, the door handles and bathrooms on a regular basis by default and we will keep doing so with a higher frequency.

For open events we will reduce numbers so that there is more space and a bit less contact.

We ask you to:

  • Not come to the Studio if you feel unwell, have the Corona Virus or symptoms, been exposed to someone with the Virus, have travelled through outbreak territories or met with people from these territories
  • Refrain from coming to the Studio if you are in a high risk category, e.g. Have lung problems, are on immune suppressants, have implants/transplants you are more vulnerable than others. 
  • Disinfect your hands before entering the Studio.
  • Give your e-mail address to the organiser. They will keep it for 4 weeks, then dispose of it (unless you consent to joining the mailing list). We do that to ensure that in case of an infection we can actually notify everyone who attended that they might have been exposed.
  • Wash your hands regularly following the current Government Advice, drying your hands with paper towels we are currently providing.
  • Refrain from shaking hands or hugging. Instead do the heart salutation / namaste greeting.