The Festival

Manchester Tantra Festival

Manchester Tantra Festival is a collaboration between Tantra North and Sacred Light Tantra.  

Our vision is to create a collaborative Tantric community based from our new sex positive body positive accessible centre, Pathways Studio and to facilitate a space where people can come to learn about authentic Tantra and continue on their Tantric journey through connection in community, providing an environment for people to connect and also to develop and grow further through workshops, festivals, practice sessions and exchanges.  

Collaboration is an important theme for us at this festival as we bring the best of what everyone has to offer.   

We have several collaborations in place and we are looking to involve others who hold the same values of integrity, inclusivity, openness and alignment.

The festival is open to all people over the age of 18 of all genders, orientations and relationship statuses.   It is our intent to make this festival as inclusive as possible.